The best Apple Watch bands for personalized training companions

Get yourself a band that can hold up during your toughest workouts.

Whether you've owned an Apple Watch for years or just picked one up, you probably already know that the market for personalized watch bands is virtually never-ending. It's similar to your phone case or laptop sleeve, which means there are plenty of opportunities to buy an Apple Watch band that can change the functionality of your device, making it a sportier, more capable running watch.

Runners need a strap that is comfortable and won't become too rough with frequent use. Whether you're looking for a simple, stretchy silicone strap or a durable nylon strap, a simple search on Google will turn up thousands of options. We've taken a deep dive into watch straps and brought you some of the best ones you can buy. The best part? Many of them are cheaper than Apple's options.

What to consider
Suitability and compatibility
No one wants to return something because it doesn’t fit – especially if it’s easy to check before ordering. All standard Apple watch faces range in size from 38 to 41 mm for smaller models, and from 42 to 45 mm for larger models. The Apple Watch Ultra is larger at 49mm.

Most athletically oriented Apple Watch bands are made of silicone, which is great for providing stretchy comfort that doesn’t soak up any sweat or collect too much dirt. The downside of these bands, however, is that their lack of water absorption causes an accumulation of sweat between your wrist and the band, which can feel pretty yucky when you take your watch off post-run. This buildup of moisture can also feel uncomfortable if you’re running in the cold.

As an alternative to silicone, bands made of nylon, polyester, and spandex are more moisture-wicking and sometimes more adjustable. But if you do opt for a synthetic fabric band, be sure to either wash it regularly or keep another band on hand to swap out for everyday use. These bands develop an odor rather quickly, which nobody in your home, classroom, or workplace needs to experience alongside you, so we recommend using these just for your runs.

Ultimal Nylon Sport Apple Watch Band

The material of this nylon watch band is thick, durable, and stretch-resistant without the sweaty feeling that silicone and rubber can sometimes leave on the skin. The unique hollow design gives it excellent breathability. It's also washable and lightweight and dries easily.


Ultimal TPU Sport Apple Watch Band

This watch band from Ultimal is made from recycled silicone and stainless steel, turning materials sent to landfill into one of the more durable watch bands that's also incredibly comfortable. In addition, because this band also protects the entire watch, it can protect the screen from the impact of drops without worrying about scratching the watch.


Ultimal Elastic Solo Loop Sport Apple Watch Band

You may not like bulky straps, especially if you like to wear bracelets, have smaller wrists, or want long sleeves to sit farther up your arms on cold days. That's where this slim strap comes in: It's half the width of most other straps, yet it's still just as comfortable and adjustable as most of the other straps we recommend.

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